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    I am looking into purchasing my first handgun. I have completed my CCL class and am waiting to receive my permit. I have a done a ton of research, gone to shops and held and played with many options. What I have landed on is a Bersa Thunder for its size, weight, comfortability, and about a thousand reviews from BT owners who love them and swear by their accuracy and reliability. However, like any responsible consumer I would like to shoot one before I buy it to get the feel of it. I also am not sure of the caliber I should purchase- .22 or .380. I have looked at every range in SE WI and NE IL for a model to practice with and, let me tell you, this is not an easy firearm to locate just to try out. Can anyone recommend a comparable model in both calibers that might be easier to find at a practice range so I can try them out? Or am I better off just buying one and practicing until it I'm comfortable? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Some sound advice

    First, the only thing similar to the .380 is a Walther PPK which it is a clone of.

    Second - If you can, go hold one and dry fire it, see how you like it

    Third - MOST IMPORTANT - Get the 9mm UC - you will thank me. It is approximately the same size as the .380, the ammo is actually cheaper by almost 50% and it is MORE reliable.

    The problem with the 380 is it can be hit or miss with stovepipe issues. Some folks have it (all the time), some, sometimes, some never. So it calls into question reliability. I have one and love it but WILL switch it for the 9mm because of the above (cheaper ammo, better reliability)


    Good video

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    .22 ammunition is less expensive, less powerful, and historically less reliable; although generally more accurate. .380 ACP ammunition is also easier to acquire lately.
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    Bersa makes a great gun you can spend more money, but you'll not get too much better. good luck
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    When they had one for rent at my local range I jumped at the chance to try it. I really liked the .380 ACP. It's very accurate but double action trigger pulls were terrible. Single-action was surprisingly accurate.

    I've heard a lot of problems with the .22 LR version, especially pickiness about ammunition. If I were going to CCW one I'd go for the .380 ACP anyway. Not a fan of rimfire cartridges in a self defense autoloader.
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    Their 9mm is a good one but hard to find. I agree that 9mm is a better choice than 380
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    Respects to all....

    but.... caliber doesn't matter until you have the ability to put your shots on target. (My opinion)

    I have three Bersas, a .22 for plinking, a 7 round stainless one that my wife carries, and a .380 15 round version, that lives in my truck.

    Your interest in shooting before you buy is very much correct. Contact some handgun instructors on your area, and perhaps they might either have one you could shoot, or know of someone that has one.

    Shop for a firearm just like you shop for shoes.......

    Shoes...... when you buy 'em, you try 'em on first...... if they don't feel good, you don't buy 'em..... if they feel good, and you buy 'em, chances are that you still might need to break in the shoes, and your feet.

    Guns..... try 'em on first...... if they don't feel good, you don't buy 'em......... if they feel good, and you buy 'em, chances are that you still might need to practice with it, and enhance your ability to use it.....

    Buying a handgun simply because someone else has one is just foolish. If there were a "best" handgun, we'd all own it, and the huge selection of handguns to choose from wouldn't exist.
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