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    Hello all, this is my first post. I am thinking of buying what I need to make my own ammo mostly .223 and .308 I can't find any cheap target ammo anywhere. So the question is, is it worth it to buy the stuff to make my own? What all is needed? What would be the ballpark start up cost? All constructive advice and thoughts are welcome
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    The stickies in this sub-forum have the answers to most of your questions...

    Get a copy of 'The ABC's of Reloading'...

    If you're worried about ammo availability, just wait it out...

    Reloading sucessfully takes time, patience and It all depends on how much you shoot as to whether or not it's cost effective for you. Most folks don't reload to save money...

    Stop by the intro section and say hello when you get a chance...:cool: