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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Lovegun, May 8, 2013.

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    Hey guys I think I want to start reloading my own 9mm. I want to do it fairly cheaply so I think handloading is the way I'm going to go. Can any of you seasoned vets tell me exactly what all equipment I need to get going? I saw a Lee kit on amazon for 60 bucks. Other than a scale and calipers what else is good?

    Here's the kit-
  2. c3shooter

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    Step 1. Go to Amazon. Find a used copy of The ABCs of Reloading. Buy it. Read ALL of it before you buy ANYTHING. You will need press, shell holders, dies, scales, priming tool. Shop around for used. Go carbide for the dies. Then there are a million more goodies you can buy- depending on WHAT you are reloading.

    But read the book FIRST.

  3. gr8oldguy

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    This reply to your question nails it. I've been reloading for years and the only thing I can add is you're not going to be happy with a $60 reloading kit. If the panic ever settles down, reloading is a great hobby and an excellent way to save money. good luck
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    Yup, and forget about that Lee Classic Hand loader. You will spend several hours loads just a few rounds.
  5. Lovegun

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    Ok any kits you guys would recommend as a good starter set?
  6. trip286

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    That's exactly the one I've been thinking about myself, just to see if I want to bother...
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    +1 on ABC's of Reloading.
    If you have an odd-ball rifle caliber that you rarely shoot, the the Lee whack-a-mole setup makes sense. My dad had one for his .264 Win Mag when I was a kid. It's good enough for a couple 20 round boxes per year. For a couple hundred rounds per month, you want a bit more productivity. For a pistol caliber that you will shoot a fair amount of, hunt down a Lee Classic Turret Press Kit (or similar) as a minimum.
    Note: during times of normal availability, 9mm will be the hardest caliber to save money with, due to it's (normally) cheap cost. Right now is a crappy time to get into reloading due to the availability of the required consumables. I haven't seen a pistol primer in months. Supplies of bullets are hit or miss at best, My favorite cast bullet supplier has a statement advising of a 5 to 6 week lead time for delivery. Name Brand jacketed bullets are rare as (around here) well.
    So...I suggest reading the recommended book then figuring out what your going to need for consumables, and see if they are available. If yes, then figure out what sort of setup you want to move forward with.