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Newbie, Budding gun nuts...

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Hey all, Great forums!

My son and I have finally graduated from air guns. We recently spent $89 on the cheapest gun in the store: a used Savage Springfield model 120 22cal rifle. It may be plain, simple, old, and boring, but...what a blast! We can spend all afternoon with a 100 box of shorts, or longs, or maybe quiet long rifle cartridges.

I set up a simple range with some homemade steel targets about 50 yards away and my son is seeing amazing success. He can nail a dangling 1/4 x 4 x 4 plate most of the time. I love this sport! What kid wouldn't. I firmly believe you are never too old to enjoy your childhood :)

We are not hunters but I'd love to dive into competitive/recreational target shooting. I'd love a handgun eventually but I like rifles too. I want to find clubs, or groups to shoot with in our area. I have heard of Appleseed and it sounds interesting. We are only about 30 minutes from Camp Perry but I don't know what they have for beginners or what we might purchase next for that level of shooting. Of course, what we really need is instruction :)

Thanks for any advise you all can provide,

Best wishes,

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I couldn't even begin to start, except with: welcome to the world of shooting sports and to FTF!

We have some really great folks here who will be able to offer you all kind of help and advice. I hope you sirck around and learn more about your new addiction!
Thanks for joining us Steve, Congrats on you an your sons first firearm. Obviously the addiction has begun! There's lots of great info here I'm sure will help you with your next purchase, which ever way you decide to go, and were always willing to answer some questions.
Enjoy your stay, hope you have a sense of humor :)

I'm glad you found your way here. You'll get lots of good guidance here on your new found hobby.

f course, what we really need is instruction :)
Call some local gun shops as many of them offer training and safety classes. I highly recommend you sign up for one.
Welcome here Steve. Congratulations on the Stevens. A .22 is a great and inexpensive way to master marksmanship.
Welcome Steve, that Savage is a fine starter and will give you years of shooting pleasure.
welcome aborad. meetings are held every whats today sunday i mean monday and every other day of the week lol
Welcome to the wonderful world of firearms. The only "gun nutz" out there are Sarah Brady and her crew. THEY ARE GUN NUTZ!!!!!
to the FTF community. We are glad to have you as a new member!

All you need here is a thick skin and the ability to laugh at anything, including yourself!

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