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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by DFENS, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. DFENS

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    Howdy all! Long-time lurker, 1st post after having finally joined those celebrating the 2nd Ammendment.

    I recently came upon a good deal for a Hi-Point .45. Nothing fancy, just something that I could trust upon to aid in protecting myself and my loved ones should someone choose the wrong house to break into. I've put a few boxes of ammo through it, and have taken a liking to it. It shoots slightly low, but consistently so, and makes a nice little pile at my feet with the spent brass - I'll someday reload.

    I come to the boards with a question. I was stripping the gun down to clean it the other day and the spring went flying. I found the spring, but the little plastic piece that sits in the front-end of the spring was lost somewhere amid the corner of the room. I'll not spend any range time until I find that plastic piece, but my question is, should push come to shove, would I be safe in firing a few rounds through it to stop any would-be baddies, or should I disregard that idea entirely until the plastic piece is found?

    I'm assuming that its there to keep the spring from bunching up during the recoil movement of the slide, but with me just using normal (non +p) ammo it might be alright. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions would be appreciated!

    PS any general cleaning practices that should be followed? I'm completely new to firearms ownership; CCL course is on the to-do list, time and money allowing, but I'm always searching for wisdom. Thanks!

    HOSSFLY New Member

    I think you mean the recoil spring guide rod?
    Order one from hi point or Numrich -
    I would not fire it without one unless i had to-
    But if you put one in the chamber & HAVE to shoot it it'll work :eek:

  3. Mark F

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    It's not a real good idea to fire any weapon with missing parts...
  4. danf_fl

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    Some people like the hi-point, some don't.

    The revolver is easier to a new person to clean and operate (as long as you don't disassemble it). Open the cylinder, clean six holes. Clean barrel. lightly oil exterior.
  5. Rick1967

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    For the money, high point makes a good gun. Give that corner of your house a good look through. If nothing is found call high point at 1-866-948-4867.
    That is their number for parts ordering.
  6. WDB

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    Any firearm with a missing part with your level of expereince is a danger to you and yours. No offense meant, if you can't find the part and put it back to it's proper place then the firearm should not be used. Take it to a gunsmith, be honest with what happened, he will fix it and I expect will teach you how to take the pistol down correctly.
  7. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    If your talking about that little rubber plug that sits on one end of the recoil spring it probably wouldn't kill you to not have it. But it was there for a reason. Replace the part. Like I said...It was there for a reason.