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    Hello, I am a firearms enthusiasts and recently fired a few full autos back in Scottsdale, AZ. Since then I have been reading up about all things Class III. A friend of mine was telling me that he purchased a Thompson Sub from a guy in California for 1000.00 The story is that the gun was/is a prop gun from a movie set. Well, interestingly enough the lower receiver has a full auto/single switch. He was able to give me a few serial numbers also 583990 on the bottom of the receiver by the trigger guard.
    ANYWAY, I told him what the gun could be worth if it was still functional (the lower receiver at least). Now, I am learning that if it is a bring back or in general a non registered subgun thats been floating around, it's basically impossible to register. Has anyone heard of a situation regarding a full auto prop gun. I haven't seen the firearm, I was going to try and research it without inspecting it because I don't want to take possession of it unless its legal.

    Can anyone shed some light on the serial or perhaps provide me with something to look for so I can tell if this lower receiver is functional?

    Any direction would be helpful. THANKS.
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    prop is just what it is..a non-firing prop, any alterations to make it full auto would make it illegal

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    ok here you go
    got to go to the store get some 45 ACP ammo go out and shoot it
    you know how it is out here in the Desert just find a place that is out in the middle of no were
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    Hollyweird GENERALLY did a good job of keeping their movie guns legal. A full auto weapon owned by anyone (repeat- ANYONE) that was not papered by May 1986 deadline is now worth a large fine and much Federal prison time. It cannot be registered. As older folks are passing away, many WW II "bringbacks" are being discovered by estate executors- and if they were not papered, they must be surendered to the ATF.