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Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by Beezer, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Beezer

    Beezer Member

    I've inherited a Remington 700, along with a few other guns. As I look around, there are so many choices for accessories, specifically gun cases and scopes. I'm not sure where to start.

    Here's what I'm looking for:

    • A good hunting scope for the Remington 700 (nothing fancy and expensive since I'm relatively new)
    • A few hard cases that can be locked and can possibly fit more than one gun (don't want a gun safe or cabinet...yet)

    First, where is a good place to learn about the differences in scopes and gun cases?

    Second, what are the recommendations of the folks here? What scopes do y'all use? What gun cases do y'all have?

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    Here's a whole bunch of good info on scopes.

    As for a rifle case, I just bought what caught my fancy. Mine is a soft case with a handle and a shoulder strap. It might not be for you, though. :p


  3. Beezer

    Beezer Member

    Thanks for the scope link.

    While that case is very pretty, it's not really my style. ;)
  4. purehavoc

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    Scopes are a get what you pay for thing so keep that in mind . I have had good luck with Leupolds and Nikons . but I dont play in the $1000 + scope market either . I think most of mine have run in that $150-$400+ range . 'If you find something you like that tickles your fancy come back here and post it people will either tell you its good or its junk . Were pretty honest . Stay away from NCStar . I promise you it will be junk before you even have to ask
  5. John_Deer

    John_Deer New Member

    You get what you pay for isn't always true. I have seen NC star scopes priced over $300. I agree with you on the quality of a NC star scopes. You can look at the POS rings packed with a NC star scope and become leary.
  6. Werminator

    Werminator Member

    So far I have been fairly happy with the Cabelas house brand scope on my .22. They make all kinds of decently priced scopes and from my experience I wouldn't hesitate if a wallet friendly scope is what youre looking for. I use a Bushnell Sportview on my deer rifle and 12 years running it is spot on...
  7. c3shooter

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    Regarding a gun case- either soft sided or hard sided- I would not STORE a gun in one for an extended period of time. They DO attract moisture, gun WILL rust. They are really intended to be used to transport a firearm.

    Another accessory you have not mentioned- cleaning gear. Get something with a decent rod, brushes, lube, powder solvent.
  8. Beezer

    Beezer Member

    The cleaning kit was the first thing I bought. The guns hadn't been cleaned in some time when I got them, so that was first on the list.

    Outside of a gun safe or cabinet (which I don't have the $ or the space for currently) what are some viable methods of storage if not in a gun case?