new york state compliancy

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    hello all this is not a scare you thread this is for those who do not know about
    breaks/ muzzle devices in NYS on how they should be perminatly attached to the barrel....
    here i have laid out a step by step process that has been approved by the agency checking on compliance work, the NEW YORK STATE POLICE,
    there a are severial ways to make a break perminate but some are well not as perminate as other's lets just say you dont want to be the guy saying "i didnt know" on this one.. again not to scare people just to inform at the shop im doing work for this is how they are done and have even worked on some troopers rifles the muzzles and collapseable stocks have to be pinned
    for stocks im blind pinning them (only drilling half way) then setting the press pin and apoxing it in place, the breaks are pined or keyed in place then tig welded over and filed smooth the weld must be visable apon inspection
    that is all

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    why is this nessasary?

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    To cut down on crime! To be able to remove those brakes will make you wanna rob a bank! Aaaaaaa!
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    Because they don't want you to be able to add a silencer
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    Barrel lengths may vary from state to state without regard to federal legal length.

    Just as Kalifornicate will not allow a private citizen to have a magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds.

    (I did not say "high capacity" on purpose. If a firearm is designed to hold 13 - 15 rounds, then a 13-15 round magazine is not high-cap, but "normal capacity". If the firearm was designed for 13 rounds, and the mag holds 26, then it is "high capacity".)
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