New York Assembly Bill 1479

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    I was drooling over that Browning Citori Micro Midas Satin Hunter Over Under Shotgun and scrolled down for the price. Some good pennies to save to get this shotgun. Then I see the article below, I know a former co-wrker will not be please, since a good portion of his firearms for hunting is stored at his parents in upper New York State:

    This is from ammoland website, for the New Yorkers and hunters/sportsman that visit New York. This information hit the street on 21 Jan 2011.

    AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

    Columbus, OH --( A bill in New York would redefine “assault weapon” to include many firearms that are commonly used for hunting.

    Assembly Bill 1479, introduced by Asm. Linda Rosenthal (D-New York), changes the state’s definition of “assault weapon.” The new definition would classify firearms commonly used for hunting, like semi-automatic shotguns that have a thumbhole stock or a pistol grip, as assault weapons.
    Currently, possession of “assault weapons” in the state are generally prohibited.

    Even more dangerous to sportsmen and gun owners, the bill gives the Superintendent of State Police the authority to regulate and classify additional firearms as “assault weapons” by simply finding that a firearm feature or modification is “particularly suitable for military and not sporting purposes.”

    The Superintendent can also designate specific firearms by make and model to be considered assault weapons.

    Ultimately, the bill gives the Superintendent vast powers to determine which firearms citizens can and cannot own.

    “This bill is taking an already extreme set of gun laws and making them worse. It outlaws many popular firearms that are commonly used for hunting and gives immense power to the State Police to restrict law-abiding gun owners even further,” said Evan Heusinkveld, U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance director of state services.

    “Sportsmen, gun owners, and collectors alike need to call their state assemblyperson and senator today to express their opposition to this dangerous bill.”

    While AB 1479 does include an exemption that allows citizens to keep newly declared “assault weapons” that are possessed before July 1, 2012 the exemption does little to ease the concerns of sportsmen. The bill in turn requires that those firearms that are “grandfathered in” be rendered inoperable or mandates their registration with the state. Even after proper registration, the bill only allows those firearms to be used at a licensed gun range and not while hunting.

    If passed the bill would take effect on July 1, 2012.

    Take Action! New York Sportsmen should contact their state assembly-person and tell them to oppose AB 1479. Tell them the bill would ban many firearms that are commonly used for hunting, target shooting, and other recreational activities. To find your state assemblyperson’s phone number and other contact information, use the USSA Legislative Action Center at U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance .
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    after college im SO leaving this damn state -.-

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    Can someone tell me how a pistol grip or thumbhole stock makes something an assault weapon?

    By that definition, wouldn't, y'know, PISTOLS then be classified as assault weapons?
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    We have hard evidence that at least some legislators from New York want to ban barrel shrouds without knowing what they are, ban frangible ammo on the (mistaken) grounds they are armor-piercing, and ban "heat-seeking bullets". In other words, these people are idiots; they have no idea what they're talking about yet they have no compunctions drafting legislation. This is exactly the worst sort of representation there can be. But the base of constituents of these legislators are as ill-informed as they are which is why they keep getting re-elected.

    For example, there is no reason to ban AR-15s but leave .308 hunting rifles alone. The difference is one looks scary and resembles the shape of a military rifle and the other doesn't. Never mind the hunting rifle is far more powerful and deadly....
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    Don't worry they will ban the wood stock hunting rifles soon as they are done with the others.

    As for why they fear black plastic its mostly the same reason primitives fear idols and having their pictures taken. When you have an uneducated simpleton like most libs who have no faith in anything but their govt, evil has go come from somewhere and for most liberals its guns. So like primitive savages they asign evil voodoo powers to inanimate objects.

    Liberals do not believe that some people are just bad, in their heads it is always some outside force making the crimina, commit crimes. NEVER the person committing tbe crime.
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    That is exactly what the anti-gun blissninnies want to do. They are well aware that they cannot achieve their goal in one fell swoop. They continue to peck away at our gun rights. These are the same people who call scoped bolt action rifles "sniper rifles". It's called incrementalism.
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    Assemby Bill 1479

    Just took action on AB 1479 by e-amiling NY repsresentatives from Sportsmans Alliance. Its easy and only takes a few seconds. Tell your reps in NY that "you wont take it anymore". Tell them not to support AB 1479.