New-Years Deer in my Yard......

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    On new-years eve about 4 pm...people across the field and tree line had a party and started early shooting-off fireworks...Some of the blasts shook the house!!!...anyway...The first two bombs when't off and deer started running from that direction strait at me and my buddy standing in the driveway,we counted 12 deer and they ran right to us till my buddy stomped his boot on the driveway,at that point all 12 deer never looked up and they where only 15 feet or so from us...I bet if he didn't stomp his feet on the driveway they would of ran into us,all does but one spike buck...The woods must-of empty-ed out and they all came running our-way...I looked for my flip-phone to take a picture but my phone was inside the house...That was real neat to see,almost reach-out and touch them...Later that night them deer must of really freaked-out,they shot-off all kinds of BIG FIREWORKS at midnight along with a bonfire and yelling drunks,what sounded like a fight or two....Wedding Resepshions and new-years partys are all good for a fight or two,never fails.....
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    That may be a good omen for this coming hunting season !