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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by sweeper22, Aug 5, 2010.

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    Today I went shopping for my first 45auto. I chose the XDM over a two-tone 4" Kimber Crimson Carry ($1000). So my venture into 1911s will have to wait, but it'll come soon enough I imagine. Still not sure whether I'll get something like that Kimber, or a more affordable gun like a Mil-Spec Springer or Para GI Expert.

    The gun I chose was an all-black model:


    I got it out the door with an extra mag (3 total) for just under $700. One thing I really like about the XDM is it's slim profile...amazingly slim for a double stack 45. While a full-framed gun, I'm reasonably confident this can be a concealed handgun down the line (seasonally, at least). I like the stainless versions, but just felt all-black was more practical if it has a future as a carry piece.

    So that's 3 handguns for me at the moment:

    CZ 75b (9mm)
    Sig P226 (357sig)
    XDM (45acp)

    With more on the wish list than my wallet can keep pace with:

    Browning Buckmark/dedicated 22lr
    Sub/Compact framed EDC
    GP100 or other 357mag
    BHP/CZ 75b- a fancy stainless/nickel version of one or the other (consider me a fanboy of both)

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Can't complain about that XDM, that's a nice shooter right there. :D Let us know how she performs for ya!

    Don't keep that 1911 waiting too will only just eat a bigger whole through your conscience the longer you wait. ;)

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    XDm 45 ACP

    Just noticed your thread after I posted mine on the XDm 45ACP. You picked a fine bottom feeder! The other guys at Fort Lee, VA ... where I shot mine, gathered around my bench to look and shoot it. Over 11 personnel came over and agreed they wish they had one on their side overseas, also. This is really a shooter and I don't mean just for paper! Again, nice pick.

    Gray Ghost