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Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by markhk, Jul 12, 2009.

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    Just picked up my XDcompact .45 today and hope to go to the range Monday. I had been carrying my wife's Taurus .38 special since I got my GFL, but I really really wanted a semi auto.

    I shot my brother's XD in Minnesota last week and upgraded my 9mm desire to a .45 (plus I don't think my wife will take the XD and give me the .38 cause the .45 will have too much recoil). Anyway this is a big step for a one time liberal who just walked out of the Conservative closet.

    I did find out during my no ammunition exploration of this handgun, that the slide stop lever is brutally hard to release. At times I actually had to use both thumbs to release the slide. The spring is very strong and I am thinking that with a little wear the slide stop level will smooth out. I know my brothers is a simple flick of the thumb. Am I right about it getting smoother or should I make a holster for a conceal carry ball peen hammer?
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    Congrats, I have an XD40sc and love it. The recoil in the sub compact .40 I have is minimal. The XD's are great pistols, enjoy and post a range report! As far the slide stop goes I always slingshot my slide so I haven't noticed it.[​IMG]
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  3. CA357

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    Congratulations and welcome to the world of firearms. They're like potato can't just have one. ;)
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    Congrats - I am already planning my next XD....