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Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by suptra25, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. suptra25

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    So, I just today became the lucky recipient of a brand new xd-40. I was just kinda inspecting everything it came with and i noticed that the factory round looked almost as if the striker is bent. I havent got a chance to get to the range yet, but i was wondering what everyobe else thought of this...

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  2. JTJ

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    I dont know about the firing pin imprint but I picked up an XD45 today and there is a promotion going on until November 30. Buy a new XD or XDM and get 3 mags and a double mag holder free. You will need to scan your receipt in jpeg to do the deed on line. Anyone that bought an XD recently need to go to the Springfield website.

  3. doctherock

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    That striker impression is normal for the XD40. You see similar results on the GLOCK.
  4. Axxe55

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    looks almost like it has a burr on the firing pin. if after trying it out on a couple of rounds and has the same marks, might want to contact their customer service and have it checked out just to be safe. good luck and enjoy it. i have the XDm40 and love it!