New Winchester Model 70

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by theropinfool, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. theropinfool

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    Anybody own one? I have an old one, kinda want a new one... How do they compare? I know they're supposed to be almost the same, other than the trigger, and a fully floated barrel...

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  2. trip286

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    Yeah the new ones are supposed to be a bit of a throwback, bringing back the features that many people miss.

    I don't know about the newest ones, maybe you should get it and tell us all about it!!

  3. MrWray

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    I have a model 70 "shadow" 7mmwsm. Its a really nice rifle,it has a synthetic stock and a jeweled bolt. I have never read any reviews on it but mine is a tack driver. Ive had it since 2007
  4. joshobrien77

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    I picked up a 2011 M70 supergrade in .270 this past Sept. I do lots of research and I wanted a.gun to hand down to my miss when I'm long gone. I'll.tell you I love this gun! I shot a.few of the bad year M70s and I see why people bailed on them.for awhile. But the new ones are on.par with the pre-64s.

    Quality is outstanding, solid claw extract (mauser style), bolt is liquid smooth and I like the 3 position rear safety. Best feature though is the MOA trigger, I have never owned a.custom gun but feels like I do.

    Final comment, buy one put good glass on it and enjoy.
  5. Capybara

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    Hi Josh:

    Can you fill me on on the "bad year" Model 70s? My brother won a Winchester Model 70 in .270 about five or six years ago and gave it to me. It is brand new and sitting in my safe. It has never been fired, still has the cardboard trigger tags. I really wanted something in a caliber that I could buy inexpensive ammo for but he gave me the .270 instead. I took it to a few local gun shops and nobody is interested in it. It is the cheap model, synthetic stock, no scope or rings, no recoil pad. Debating about what to do with it, a local shop offered me $125.00 for it, I know that new it sold for probably $600.00? The trigger is not very good, although I could probably pay a gunsmith to tweak it up to decent?

    If the gun is a piece of junk, I will just sell it and apply the money toward something I want. It seems crazy for me to invest probably $150.00-$200.00 for a trigger job and another probably three to four hundred bucks for rings and a halfway decent scope and sighting it in if the gun itself is not very good. Frustrating situation. Any advice from you or others in this thread?


  6. BikerRN

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    I have an older "push-feed" Model 70 that I am quite pleased with in .300 Win Mag.

    In talking with some folks that own the newer Model 70's, Featherweight version, none have a bad word to say and all, myself included, find them to be tackdrivers. I'll probably buy a new Model 70 later this year or early next year based on my observations of them and the reports of people I know and trust. I'm basing my assessment on at least ten people that I am acquinted with owning the newer Model 70's and firing a few of them myself at the range.

    Push-Feed or Controlled Round Feed, I don't think one can go wrong with a Winchester Model 70 no matter what furniture it wears. I much favor it over the other competitors, Remington, Savage, and Howa. The only competitor that comes close in the price range is Ruger in my opinion. With that said I'll take the Winchester every time if given a choice.