New video showing sheriff department abuse of 4th Amendment

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by bruinsrule, Jul 17, 2010.

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    A brand new website, HOME PAGE |, launched yesterday by veteran journalist Daniel Blackburn with the shocking story of a man who was arrested, had his home searched, and his legally owned (and stored) guns confiscated by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's department.

    What's worse is listening to the actual audio of the deputies as they begin to realize that some of the things they were doing isn't exactly legal, and come up with things to say to make sure they fall on the right side of the law. It's shocking and maddening.

    I am a member of a CA gun forum and have decided to try to take this story national. If this story makes you as mad as it makes us in California, please spread the word. There is a movement to get the story on Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch, and we need votes to get it there. You can submit up to 3 votes and NO REGISTRATION IS NEEDED. To vote and spread the word, use this link:

    Video shows sheriff department fabricating story to justify 4th amenendment violation
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    That's just another example in an ever-growing list of extremely bad decisions on the part of LE.

    Don't get me wrong -- I respect LEOs and they play a very necessary role in society. But when they can't distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys and do crap like this, it makes everything worse for everyone, including the LEOs.

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    based on the information given, I would have to say these deputys and the detective should have lost thier jobs and been charged with numerous offenses.
    IMO, those who have sworn to uphold the law must, without exception obey the law to the letter. These LEO's obviously knew they were in the wrong, as evidenced by them standing outside trying to justify thier actions.
    I hope Mr. Hart wins his suit and get himself a nice big award.
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    I agree, this tape is not an indictment on all law enforcement. I have already seen many in the field post how disgusted they are at the actions of those in the tape.

    I would not consider myself a gun enthusiast, although I do own a Ruger 9mm. I consider myself a Constituition enthusiast, and try to fight against anyone who tramples on the 2nd and 4th Amendments (and the rest, frankly).

    Keep up the good fight, and thanks for letting me get my feet wet in your forum.

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    He will most likely get a monetary settlement at some point. The disturbing thing is that some of our law enforcement officials like these sheriffs are ever emboldened by the courts continuing dismantling and disregard of the fundamental rights our country was founded upon.
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    Welcome aboard Bruinsrule. Thanks for posting this.

    This type of behavior is more expected in L.A. or other large metro areas, but not in a rural area like SLO.

    Hopefully this gets lots of attention and goes to trial, and that the deputies involved are brought up on charges.

    I'm far less afraid of the criminal element in society than I am of rogue gov't entities who believe they are above the law.
  7. Ruger44

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    Sounds like this Sheriff needs to be voted out of office at the first opportunity. Surely there has to be someone who loves the Constitution who would be willing to run. Good luck, my California friends!
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    I am begining to think that California does not have a constitution...or at least not the same one that we use. I expect them to withdraw from the union any day.
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    These are the kinds of stories we should send out to as many friends as possible!!!
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    Its one of the reasons I got out of corrections. Not that I had any sympathy for the human waste we were watching but the young kids who wanted to be the next Dirty Harry. I see most cops as navy seal wannabes and have no use for them. Take the Sheriff in the county north of us (Defiance). Ive sat through classes taught by that baboon and he bragged about how he violated different laws aganist gun owners. Of course all the young eager minds soaked it up. This is the same clown who is at the front door of the yearly friends of the NRA banquet and makes sure everyone knows who he is. Im lucky I live in a county where most of the deputies and cops are 2nd amend. friendly and follow the law.