New type firearms?

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    Has anyone tried to make any firearms / accessories that operate ( out of the box ). for example a loudner instead of a suppressor? a rotating semi auto that acts like a full auto , but well within the ATF approval to be considered a semi auto. Like a ratchet type trigger system, Think of the old motor cycles we used to have were you put the pull strap in the bike that had notches on it and gave it a yank,,,,bang bang bang bang bang....ect. but being semi auto? just throwing some ideas out to see if anyone else has a twisted mind like myself. If you do i would love to see such inventions. I may have a few i can show here when i get some pictures i will post. Lets see what cha got out there. There has got to be some ideas that are new and maybe even better than what we have to choose from now on the market.
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    A look through firearm history will show that a "rotating" (cylinder revolving) semi auto has been done. Caseless ammo has been done. I believe that the ratchet type trigger system would fall under NFA rules.
    There are threads about doing such things, and BATF has a lot of good info in their FAQ area.
    Considering the restrictions we have to work under, the firearms world is doing a good job of coming up with new stuff everyday.