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Discussion in 'Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion' started by Joshua M. Smith, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Joshua M. Smith

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    I had a pistol I no longer wanted. It was just sitting in a case neglected.

    I decided to sell it, but the economy here is such that nobody's buying, not even the gunstores any longer, though they're trading.

    So, I traded.

    Got a used Hi-Point 995.

    This thing is butt ugly. In no way is it pleasing to my eyes.

    However, it shoots. And shoots. And shoots. I ran all sorts of 9mm ammo through it and couldn't get it to malfunction.

    The red dot dialed in quickly, and I was drilling targets to empty. I have some Golden Saber Bonded 124gr+P that were doing a number on water filled milk jugs at 50 yards. After I brought it in, I loaded it up with them, keeping the chamber empty.

    Regardless of how ugly it may be, it's a shooter, and points very instinctively for me. If I need finer aim, the 5moa red dot will keep me on target out to at least 50 yards.

    I'm thinking about eventually getting an aftermarket stock. They say you can't fix ugly, but I dunno... some of these stocks they have out look OK. I just wonder about the ergonomics though.

    I do wonder how fast the bullets are leaving the barrel. The Golden Sabers advertise 1250fps from a 5" barrel, so keeping with the 50fps per inch, it would come out to 1800fps, which I can't quite believe. Maybe 1350 or 1400.

    I figure it'll do the job when I need a rifle but don't quite need a rifle cartridge.

    And... it's fun. :D

    Josh <><
  2. Righteous

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    kool... what pistol did ya trade for it?

  3. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith Member

    An old, worn out, Charles Daly 1911. I made sure it was safe and shot, threw in a couple CMC shooting star mags, and called it good.

    I came out ahead or broke even. That 1911 was junk. Safe junk but junk. Over the few months I had it, this is what happened:

    1) Wouldn't feed anything, including ball. Fixed that.

    2) Front sight fell out of the dovetail.

    3) Window that the slide stop rode through was cast down too low, and I had to file it up a bit to make it actually stop the slide. As well, since it was down to low, the slide stop's retaining tab wouldn't keep the danged stop in there. The stop had to be soldered up then filed down.

    Then, I came to find out the frame was warped a bit. Not badly, but just enough.

    Went out, bought a stock RIA of new manufacture, customized it the way I know I needed, and once I was sure it was reliable, I sent the CD down the road.

    Josh <><
  4. Kaptin

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    I kind of like the way they look, sounds like I may be the only one though. I bought the 9mm version, nice little carbine. Seems to be a very good shooter so far, no complaints.

    SGT-MILLER New Member

    Good choice.

    As you can tell by my avatar, I like Hi-Point firearms. They are cheap, simple, safe, accurate, and reliable. You'll have tons of fun at the range with that carbine.

    It's also excellent for home defense, and it is known as the all around utility gun.

    Congrats on the trade.