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    Picked one of these up last week. Kel-Tec Sub 2000 (9mm), accepting Glock 17 mags. So far, so good. Not the type of gun you want to hang a bunch of accessories on, but it's a handy little folding rifle. If you can appreciate it for the simple rifle that it is, it's great.

    Cost (under $400). And 9mm is cheap to shoot as well
    High Capacity, with Glock 18 mags
    If you own a 9mm/40sw Glock (I don't), these would make ideal companions due to interchangeable mags
    Accurate enough to stretch past 100 yards with relative success
    Simple, light (4 lbs), and compact
    Great plinker, would make a fine "truck gun" as well
    In a bind, it wouldn't be a terrible urban defense rifle
    Sturdier build than it's appearance and weight would imply

    Dirty. Blow-back operated, a couple boxes of ammo will leave it a filthy mess
    Cheap looking sights. They work fine...but yeah, they look a little crude
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    Looks like she will be a fun little toy. I want to get the new 4095 Hi-Point carbine myself.