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    OK, so I don't know exactly what I want. Just that I'm enjoying shooting the history of rifles. I'm going to head out to Camp Perry to pick out a Garand in the next month or so. I know I'd like to get and Enfield, a Springfield 1903, and the US Carbine M1 may be interesting as well :) But always looking for a diamond in the rough, however I'm not an expert at this.

    Came across the attached inventory. Based upon what little you can determine from descriptions and prices, are there any three or four that jump out at you to take a look at? Cheaper is better unless there's something that really looks good.

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    Attached inventory?
    Okay... It is a PDF file not visible on apple.
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    Pretty much all of it would be based on condition. There are loads of awesome rifles on there. Brother you have a lot of studying to do. There are a lot of different Enfields. There was a mummy wrapped on in that list. Generally means unissued, I believe. Obviously that also means its expensive. 1700 I think. For a shooter I dont believe I would do that, but you will really need to see them in person to make an informed choice anyway.
    Sorry I know this was of little help. :)
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    Sorry - list is pretty extensive and didn't paste well. A photo and you couldn't read it, and can't upload a spreadsheet.

    Yeah, that's why I was looking for some guidance :eek:. There's just so many I was just trying to get it down to a selection of 10 or so to look at. If there is one Enfield for Springfield model for example that generally is a better find than another, I was going to research those first before requested some photos.
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    I'd go with the basic US rifles, depending on reasonable condition.

    If you were to start with a Garand and an '03 Springfield,

    you would have two rifles of a similar caliber, 30.06. The '03

    borrowed much of it's design from the Mauser, so much so

    that the Fed had to pay royalties to MauserWerke. It's been

    called the "American Mauser". While it's not an actual Mauser,

    there is a similarity.

    So 1 caliber, two rifles, and three design types. Not bad for two


    Of course, the most important thing is overall good condition,

    and a clean bore.
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    Thanks therewolf.

    After doing some more research and begin conservative, since I'm looking for something to shoot I think I'm going to pass on on the 03 Springer. Due to the few reports of failures on them despite, mostly low numbered under 800,000, I just don't see the need to jeopardize face and hands, and especially as I don't hand load to keep the pressures down despite few reports of failures on higher numbers. Maybe if I find one in decent condition cheap, I'll pick it up for the wall just to have it for the wall.
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    Sure it is.
    None of those rifles jump out at all. Very high prices.
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    If you hunt around online as well as locally, you'll notice that prices vary wildly for the exact same weapon. What I've done is find the collector value of each one and set that as a baseline the start prowling pawn shops, guns shops, and online sources until I find a deal that's way below the collector value. It takes awhile (took 4 months to find a Nagant revolver in great condition for the price I wanted) but with some patience, you can save a ton of money collecting and have a great arsenal of history.