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    After a long search for the AR that would service my purpose I purchased a RRA LAR15 24" 223 Varmint with chrome bolt and trigger group. (The web site said they well shoot 3/4 MOA but I thought that was BS). Mounted my scope using a Burris P.E.P.R one piece mount. After sighting in the rifle and going through several round of ammo, It seams to like a 60 gr. V-MAX best. I shot (3) 5 round groups and (1) 3 round group at 100 yards. I think I am going to like this rilfe. It shoots as well or better than my model 12 Savage BVSS-S. I'll tried to attach the results but it is on it's side. I think it well do better if I work on the load. You can see it better if you just cock your head to the right like a chicken. LOL:D

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