New to Tampa area And love to go hunting

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by denverr1, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. denverr1

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    Hey guys Just moved to Riverview Florida near Tampa and only been hunting once in Pennsylvania looking for someone who has private land or know someone who has land and would like to show me what Florida has to offer I have four kids of my own and the meet will not go to waste
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    I lived in Florida many years,and the hunting is great if you either work hard or pay lots.I hunted mostly public land,the game and fish dept web site can help you find places close to you.I took a Florida Registery buck the last year I lived there at Rock Springs Run WMA.One of my other favorites was Croom WMA close to Brooksville.Citrus is also a good WMA,especially if you bowhunt.Flying Eagle,Jumper Creek,Half Moon are all good to very good WMA's close to the Tampa that I have hunted.Plan on buying and using treestands,as you won't see many deer from the ground with the heavy cover found in most of the state.You will want waterproof boots as you will find some of the best hunting near and in swamps and marshes.The permit selection process changed after I moved away,but you can still draw and hunt great public land.Hike far to get away from the crowds and hunt hard,you can do well.Good luck.