New to scopes - what should I see?

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    Hello, all,

    First off, if my question has been asked before, I am sorry; I am new to these forums, and my search attempts couldn't find anything relevant to what I was attempting to ask.

    I recently bought a scope for my also recently bought Ruger 10/22. I noticed when I look through my scope at a non-busy image (for example, a blank portion of a target or a wall, etc), that I can see the scope reticles sharply and crisply.

    However, when I look at a target (the range I go to provides red/white 10 point targets) I noticed that my crosshairs get blurry; I can still make them out, but I thought this was strange. I tried adjusting the focus, but, at best, I either didn't change anything or took it even MORE out of focus.

    Now, if I move it back onto a solid object (blank portion of a target), it shifts almost immediately back into crisp focus.

    I've never used a scope before, I've only used iron sights; is this normal?

    I was able to pull off quarter-sized groupings at 75 yards, and it was hitting where I was aiming when I finally had it zeroed in, and I can SEE the cross-hairs, they're just blurry.

    Also, I'm not sure if this is relevant or not: Due to surgery I needed on my eyes when I was younger, I am left-eye dominant, but sight through my right eye, and only have 5% of normal depth perception according to my eye doctor.

    Also, Here is the scope. (I got the $80.00 silver one)
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    Wrong scope. Scopes have a parallax setting. Hunting scopes for rifles are parallaxed at 100yds. Scopes for 22lr rimfire are set to 50 yds. Shotgun scopes are set at 50- 75 yds. I usually use shotgun scopes (I like the reticles) or scopes that have an Adjustable Objective (AO). SWFA has some BSA scopes on clearance. 3x9x40 Sweet 22 with bullet drop compensator for $40 and the 4x16x40 AO for $50. Cabelas also has some scopes suitable for 22rf on sale. I am not a fan of Simmons as I have had too many problems. My bolt action 22lr is carrying a 3x12x40 AO. One 10/22 is carrying a Konus 2.5x shotgun scope and the other has the Sweet 22. It works but it is overkill and would be better on a more accurate rifle. I will probably remove it and put on another Konus 2.5.

    Focus your cross hairs while looking at the sky not at an object.