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    Hey guys Im new to rifles and am lookin at purchasing my first "big" rifle since I only own a ruger 10/22 along with many shotguns and handguns. My main use would be deer,bear,boar hunting and anything in between but that would be the primary usage. Savage has their new "edge" line out that comes in a .308, they also have their pretty affordable 10GXP3 in a .308, that comes with their sought after accu trigger and a 3-9x40mm scope, a few websites are in the $500 range for said weapon. What do you guys think? I apologize if this is a reoccuring thread topic. TIA
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    Buy the rifle and get your own scope. The package scopes are OK but are not that good. The savage rifles work very well. I bought my middle grandson the 223 package and it outshoots his dads 700 BDL in 223. He wanted a 223. The older grandson wanted a target 22 so that is what I got him. The youngest is not old enough yet. For a decent reasonably priced scope, I would look at the Redfields. Some times the you can get the package cheaper than the rifle alone so watch your pricing.

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    The 308 is a great caliber it hits like a 30-06 up to 180 grn bullets and will put down just about any big game animal in North America . I would probably go bigger for Grizzly Bear or Polar bears but short of that any other big game animal. The 308 is a naturaly acurate caliber for some reasion ,like the .223 is.
    I have just bought a savage and personaly for the money I think they are the best bang for the buck$.
    Good hunting and let us know how you made out and what you have picked.
    The new Redfields are made by Loupold now and are very good from what I have seen. It is like getting VX1 opticts with VX11 windage and elivation adjustments.