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    I have a Rock River Arms LAR .308 that I have shot about 200 rounds thru so far. I want to reload the brass I have been saving. My dad has a bunch of presses and stuff. I just finished running the brass thru the tumbler. I would like some recommendations on bullets. I will pretty much just be shooting at the range. There is quite a bewildering amount of choices for bullets and I am looking for a reasonably inexpensive bullet that will work well in the AR. I will also be picking up some dies for .308. My dad also has some powder but it is over 15 years old so I may go ahead and get some new powder too.
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    you will need to know the barrel twist rate in order to get a good idea of what weights to try. but i use 150 gr SPBT . they work nice for me

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    For just banging around, a 147-150 FMJ BT will work pretty well. If you are looking to get more accuracy try a good 150 gr soft point or protected point bullet. If you are really looking for the best possible accuracy at less than 300 yards, the Sierra 168 gr BTHP is the standard all others are judged against. If you are looking to shoot longer ranges the heavier 175 gr SMK is primo