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    rifle powders are still in short supply as well. selection is hit or miss right now.
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    I've been seeing stocks of Varget, 4130 ssc, and 2700 when I go through Tenn, at Outpost Armory. Shotgun has red and greendots, h110 and bluedot. Also cowboy action powders are back on the shelf. Specialty rifle powders are still hit and miss. So at least some are coming back, slooooowwlyyyyy.....:sly:
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    Due to old age, health and too far from the range I haven't fired a round in a few years, :(
    so I am going to pack up my Dillon 550 , all the dies, case cleaner, everything except of course powder and primers.
    And send it to my Son.
    Was going to be a surprise, but I told him, He thinks its Christmas. :D
    One day will dig out the old P.W. and send that as well.
    He told a friend that his Dad has a Bunch of once fired Federal papers,
    Said his friend near had a stroke.
    Will have to send them as well.
    Again, can't send the powder, primers, shot, maybe send the wads..
    Oh well.
    Years ago did a LOT of Trap and Skeet shooting.
    Lot of Pistol and Rifle shooting.
    Lot of Black Powder shooting.
    Had some great times, :D
    so can't complain.
  4. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    that was how i got a lot of my reloading equipment to start reloading. my father probably hadn't reloaded in about ten years or so when one day, he had brought me one of his pistols for me to work on and we were testing it out, and he asked me if i wanted all his reloading equipment since he didn't use it anymore. he said he had more than enough reloaded ammo he had reloaded years before for all of his to last him for quite a few years, and if he needed more he'd either just buy some factory ammo or let me reload some for him.

    it was a pretty good deal for me, as many of the dies he gave me, would work for some of the guns i already had, though i did have to buy some more dies for ones that i didn't have. i also got lots of bullets and cases and primers which were worth a small fortune in themselves.

    i'll never forget the first time shooting ammo i had reloaded. there is certain satisfaction one gets from being able to put together your own ammo, and not being near as dependent upon what is available on the shelves in the stores. i love being able to make premium typ ammo for the cost of cheaper factory ammo and have it perform much better than factory ammo. i do on occasion still buy factory ammo, but more for the brass for reloading, but that is mostly for the pistol calibers i shoot a lot of. rifle calibers i reload for, i will usually just buy once fired brass or new unprimed brass for reloading.
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    Sorry to hear about you but glad to see you are passing the equipment on. Hope you are passing on your knowledge also.
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    Please offer advice...
    Setting up my bench...still!, and getting the hang of the equipment I purchased. I cannot for the life of me get this scale to zero. Have worked the adjustable foot to the end of thread with no luck:(
    As shown, I am zeroed at 4.2 grains...any advice before I harass RCBS?

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