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    I just inherited an old Ruger MkI from my grandmother. She hadn't shot it since the '70s and it's been wrapped in an oily towel since than. Since she wasn't using it she told me I could have it. I took it to the range and let the guy there look it over to make sure it was safe to fire and after about 5 minutes of looking it over he proclaimed it to be in "excelent" condition, but perhaps in need of a good cleaning. I ran about 30 rounds through it and was fairly impressed. Even with the crap Federal Lightning it was able to get nice groups at 25' in the hands of a better shooter with better ammo it would be amazing.

    Anyway, I had a few questions.

    1. Is it O.K. to dry fire this gun? I can't find any other way to uncock it as there is no external hammer.

    2. The mags for this thing have very tight springs. Can I oil them to loosen them up? Or do I just need to buy some new mags?

    3. The gun came with two boxes of very corroded ammunition, also from the '70s. I don't think I should fire them, but how to dispose of them?

    4. Any idea what it's worth? I don't want to sell it, I'm just curious. It's condition is maybe an 8 out of 10
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    I have a MARK II stainless steel 10" bull barrel and I just love that plinker

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    I do have pictures but no way to post them since my ex has my USB cable...

    Mine just dosen't look like any that I see pictures of. I thought this one had a long barrel until I got to looking at pics floating around the net. Mine only has a 5" barrel on it with a wierd taper to it. It's really quite ugly.

    I don't have any intention of firing the ammunition, I just want to safely dispose of it. I don't feel comfortable with "throw it in the trash"

    I'm kinda glad it's not worth more, as I might be tempted to sell it. I also have the original bill of sale--$23 for pistol, 2 mags, holster, cleaning kit, and 2 boxes of ammo. The kit and original ammo are gone but I have everything else. Cool old memento of times long gone.
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    You scored. That's a nice pistol and it's staying in the family.

    Never, never, never dry fire a .22 pistol. It can and will mess up the firing pin.

    Spray some G96 or something similar into the mags, then work the springs/follower a bit. Then dry them out as best you can. If they stay sticky or tight, replace them. The mags are relatively inexpensive. Stick with factory mags.

    Enjoy. :)

    Oh yeah, like Mark F said, throw that ammo away.
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    It's a good pistol to hold on to and a lot of fun to shoot. Congrats!

    As for the ammo, ask the staff at the range, they might take care of it for you or at least tell you the best way to dispose of it in your area.