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    AS usual this time if year I make the trek to the Court days festivals in Mt. Sterling & Preston Ky.I look forward all year to this because I always find some great stuff. I mainly go to see all the guns being sold but there are all kinds of things to be seen or had if you spend the time. This year I didn't make it to Mt. Sterling as it took me a full eight hours to cover the small town of Preston. But I did find a really cool High Standard Double Nine Revolver. I have been looking for a good one for a while as was my father in law. Well, he was the lucky one and found one first. Asking me what I thought about it I looked it over and said if he didn't get it I was going to. He wanted one because the memories of his now gone Father. So I really couldn't snake it but I did tease him that I would for a little while. After he was ready to move on with his really cool revo that I really wanted we went to move on. Getting all of maybe 15 yards we come to another table with another Double Nine. It looked almost EXACTLY like the other one:confused::eek:. Other than the grips they where twins. And the only difference there was this one had the High Standard medallions on them. It was in pretty good shape so I had to snap it up. Later while comparing them we got to looking at thew serial n umbers and they are really close to each other!:eek: So, two revolvers sold by two different people...Started off life pretty close to each other and now are close again. Really weird I thought.

    I also got a nifty shotgun..but that's another thread. No really cool story there though.

    I shot it today and it shoots like a dream. I'm really digging this little revo.
    Well..Enough long winded explanations..Here it is :)

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    That is Great! I also have one that looks like the one you have in the picture. Purchased it years ago from an elderly gentleman that wanted to sell it. I must be honest I have never shot it. But they are fine little revolvers. High Standard made so good pistols and revolvers. One of my Silhouett guns was a High Standard Victor. "Congrats to both of you on your valuable find!