New (to me) HK USP Compact 9mm

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Don Davis, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Don Davis

    Don Davis New Member

    I bought a HK USP Compact 9mm 2 weeks ago.

    It was made in 2003.


    If you know HK's , you'll notice that I changed out the "bobbed" hammer for a "spur" hammer.

    I like spur hammers.

    I've put about 100 rounds through it and really like the way it handles.

    It's sights are very small - hard for me to see.

    Any advice for me on changing the sights?

  2. ineverFTF

    ineverFTF New Member

    Anything tritium will cost you, but they are worth it. I shot a factory BLOCK and then my buddies with the triton sights and wow. Myself and my buddy shot better with the tritium sights.

  3. Don Davis

    Don Davis New Member

    I really want - TruGlo TFO Tritium & Fiber Optic Gun Sight.

    I have them on 2 of my carry guns and they are fantastic for day and night.

    And I shoot much better with than with standard sights.

    But they don't have them for the compact model.

  4. jyo

    jyo Member

    I have one just like that---I also have a spurred hammer for mine and just received the extended magazine release that HK Parts sells. Sometime in the future, I am thinking of a fiber-optic front sight. I am very happy with this pistol.