New (to me) Glock 22

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by southchatham, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. southchatham

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    The circle of life brings me to my Detroit Police Glock 22. Back in may I posted about buying a Gock 22 for ccw. I live in a state that you can't buy new Glocks (don't ask). But pre 1998 Glocks are ok. Prices are high (very high on the compact models) because of the demand so I chose a M&P compact. I also bought a snub nose revolver. Today I traded my snubby for the Glock 22 and could not be happier. Bonus that it cost me nothing. The revolver was just not for me.
    I love the grip feel and angle. I wonder why some people hate it. Just felt like sharing.
  2. hunter Joe

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    Sharing is caring, thanks. I shoot a Mod 22 also and love it. I installed an extended slide release, 3.5 pound connetor, and a Houge grip sleeve. I'm thinking about night sights and a laser-light combinations but that may be way too much junk. Maybe I'll install the night sights and buy the laser just in case I need it later. Good luck, Joe