new to hunting...any tips

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    im new to hunting, have been around guns my whole life just never have i gone hunting. Im 23 in the army currently stationed at fort riley but will be going to fort lewis. help wit where and how to go about some hunting trips for deer,elk low land birds and the such would be greatly appreciated.
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    First tip, dont use a glock to hunt with......

    LOL! Just kiddin, I am going hunting for the first time this year too, just wanted to subscribe to the thread and get some info myself.

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    I am not sure where Ft. Lewis is, but the first place to check for possible hunting opportunities is on your base. Many military bases offer hunting to both service members and to the public.
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    Be patient, aim high, know what you need to get your target animal.
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    Definitely check your base, here in Arizona camp navajo is in some of the best elk hunting in the state. Down south Ft Huachuca has some of the largest couse whitetail deer in the nation and big black bear.
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    Find someone that is already hunting in the area to use as a sort of a mentor. Talk with them, go over what you will be hunting. Practice with that firearm at a range to get familiar with that firearm. Practice some more! Scout the area to get familiar with the lay of the land. When growing up, we often did alot of small game hunting in new areas so that we could "scout" for big game animals. When you do shoot, make sure when you point the firearm at a target and pull the trigger you intend on killing what you are aiming at. Another way to say that is be sure of your target. Always be aware of what is behind what you are shooting. Remember it only takes one pull of the trigger to kill most things. Be safe! Hunting can be a great activity if done safely.


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    another place you should go see is the local game and fish station. they offer alot of information that can help you alot. find someone who is already hunting in that area and get to know them. also find out what area you are goin to hunt in and see if it is draw only or general. if it is general then you can get a tag anytime but if it is draw only then you most likely missed the draw date and wont be able to hunt there this year unless they have extra tags. do you have a rifle yet or a hunting pistol? make sure they are the correct calibure for what your hunting because you dont want to hunt a elk with a .22lr lol.
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    You could also if you haven't already, take a hunters education course, you can pick some good tips up from these as well, If there is a cabelas near by you, they sometimes have hunting celebrities come in and do seminars and such.

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    You're at the wrong end of the state or I could help you out. Were me I'd find a little cafe there in Junction City where the local old timers hang out. Betting someone could get you squared away.
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    new to hunting ....

    First let me thank you for your service !It is young men/ women like you that makes a difference in our lives in America and abroad to others that really goes unappreciated ... again thank you ! If you really want to get into hunting ,I suggest that the first thing you need to do is ...on your off time go down to the local vfw or legion hall ....make some friends ,listen to what older vets tell you will enrich your life and thiers ...and could save your *** when it gets BUSY ! Then talk about hunting ,listen to thier stories ,get feedback .....hang out at the local feed store ....bend a few farmers ears , offer to help out ... during planting /harvesting time ...for free .fix a few fences ,dig a few holes ,work your *** off and hunting opportunities will blossom as friends are made ....
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    +2! Huh????[​IMG]
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    Fort Lewis is in Tacoma washington. I grew up 350 miles from there.Your hunting choices are Roosevelt and olympic elk,White tail and mule deer.Bear cougar coyotes and moose.For birds you have duck and geese in many species. Blue grouse ruffle grouse pheasant dove quail sage hen.
    There are many mountian streams and lakes for trout and the cost is reright there for Ocean fishing.
    Listen to no one who is not from oregon washington Idaho and montana on how to hunt the big game there. The terrain and vegatation are different than colorado utah arizona new mecico etc. There for the hunting techniques are very different.
    Do not read out door life or field and stream.They are full of nonsense. Do not listen to some one who went on a guided hunt and is not from where I say. They know less than nothing.
    Seek some one from the area born and raised and not in Tacoma itself. The Seatle Tacoma are pretty large and there are smaller outer lying areas where you will hunt any way. You cannot get reliable hunting advice from a city dweller.
    Elk are very hard to hunt in the area because of the terrain. Get a forest service map from the forest service and do as much hiking and camping in the surround areas as you can.
    You need to know what a elk smells like and how to track and know there habits to be successful.The 308 or 30-06 is your best choise for a all around gun for hunting every thing up there loaded up with 180 grain or larger expanding bullets I like corelockt remingtons.making friends with a logger will almost assure you a education on hunting and where to find them.Loggers like to drink beer and fight a lot so bars in logging communities are a good place to find them.But other samll town locals if you can gain there friend ship will also be a good way to go.
    Do not try to hunt with any thing less than a 30 caliber unless its a magnum and not less than a 7 mm mag.If you choose the 7mm mag expect flat shooting very lethal results but extreme blood shot meat.
    I killed my first elk at 12 and a lot since that time.Using scents camo and other such silly stuff will get you laughed at.If your gonna try any calling the rut isd over by hunting season so dont be like many ouit of staters out blowing a bugle scaring off game. Get a grunt tube and cow call and learn how to use it.I personaly dont use any kind of call.
    If you feel like a littlle travel like about 5 hours ride.
    There was a major defeat of the do gooder tree huggers in Idaho and there is a season on the 130 pound arctic grey wolves that have been desimating the elk deer and moose populations and robbing griz of there food sources and now the griz are in peoples yards like balck bears.
    Encouarage your friends to go and kill off some wolves to.They are a menace and have become over populated and have killed off the native timber wolves.