New to Hunting and new to Georgia.

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    Well like the headline says I am brand new to hunting and I just moved to the Augusta area in Georgia.
    So I have never been hunting before but it is something that I am very interested in. I would really like to get a deer this hunting season.
    But I do not know the first thing about hunting, that being said I am not new to firearms, I served in the US Army, deployed and I am an avid shooter. So I am not a complete idiot when it comes to shooting and firearms.
    So here comes the questions, Do I need to take a hunters safety course or something out here ( Hopefully someone from the Georgia area will be able to answer this for me), Do I need to apply for tags or permits to hunt? I am able to hunt on the Military land so hopefully finding land will not be too difficult.
    I am looking to pick up a Rem 700 in 7.62, I fired that weapon a little bit overseas so I am fairly comfortable with it. What else will I need besides the rifle and optic for a hunt, and what do I need to know/ do? I know that is a very broad question but if I can just get pointed in the right direction it would be great.
    Thanks Everyone
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    0 should answer most of your questions as far as laws go.
    Once you have everything handled find a good area and get scouting. Learn the land and animals habits and when the time comes get out to your selected spot while its still dark and wait. Stay down wind.

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    Lots of folks in GA lease the hunting rights on their property, but it never hurts to knock on doors and ask for permission to hunt. I have had good luck finding some turkey hunting that way.

    GA has some good public hunting land, may be late to enter any lottery hunts this year, but as Mtnman said, go to the GA's website and look for public hunting areas near you.

    I recommend a portable tree stand, a climber would be best, that you can pack in for a day's hunt.

    A Rem. 700 in .308 (7.62) is an excllent deer rifle.

    To find does, find their food source, acorn trees, honeysuckle vines are favorites of southen deer. To find the bucks, find the does. :D:D

    Scout all you can. Some of the military bases have excellent hunting, be sure to check that option out.
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    Other guys covered most well. Camo is not a big deal. Anything from jeans an flannel to state of the art camo works. Control body odor. Look to low cost Arm & Hammer for everthing to control sent from unsented stick to dry in your shorts, socks and hair when hot to powder mixed with water blended in a spray bottle for in the field use and used in the wash at final rinse as a sent killer. Keep a pair of boots for the woods only. No gas staions. Then just sit and learn. You might find deer will let you move verticaly as in raiseing a gun or bow but not horizonaly. Slowly of course.

    Don't be suprised ether as you cap nap and wake do to a snort you made to see deer looking at you from time to time. If it ain't happen ,,it will or your not a hunter. ha. Check out SC season to. Might be the longest in the nation in the south part.

    In some areas ground blnds can also work for you buy getting in the air does help. to see at longer distance too. Old man climbers make for a nice packing stand but hard to leave a a Summit stand like the Crush. The viper is very comfortable but the new crush should be just as nice and on sale now at basspro. Man be sure to be a good harness and to tie the top to the bottom of the stands together. No use in falling or lossing half your stand. Ladder stands work well to IF you have land to place them on and feel secure about leaveing them.

    Contact the wlidlife officers in your area and ask them about areas to hunt or clubs you may get on. They will know where deer are and where they are not. Don't know how the miltary land is managed for wildlife but same would go there , the people takeing care of manageing the property for game can tell you more than the average hunter may learn on there own for a couple years.
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    In Georgia, a hunter education course is required prior to purchasing a license if you were born on or after January 1, 1961, unless you are hunting on your own land. Exceptions are made for three-day licenses and apprentice hunting licenses. Hunters under the age of 16 have some other special rules.

    There is an honorary one-year/one-time license for returning Georgia veterans that may also apply to your situation, but at this late date I'd skip the bureaucracy and red tape and just get the online license.

    In addition to the Big Game License, you will need a (free) Deer Harvest Record for each season you hunt. No tags required - just the honor system.

    I don't hunt WMAs or do quota hunts, which are also prevalent in our state, so check the regulations for those details.

    Good luck, and thanks for your service!