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  1. warrioroftheland

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    So what would be the best but low prices ak to start out with? Looking into getting one soon but i dont know what to look for and i dont want to get ripped off.
  2. Steviepc7

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    I am new to AK's as well. I just bought one from the gp1975 model. from what i hear they are great started AK's and better made that the slightly cheaper WASR 10....check out that website

  3. 7.62 Man

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    The one Steviepc7 got from looks like a good deal.
    But there is nothing wrong with the WASR 10s either I got one it still shoots great after about 2000rds through it. Some of them are just not quite as good looking as others, nothing wrong with the workings of the gun. The only problem with WASRs is the finish is a little rough.
    I got my first one about 3yrs ago for a little over $300 the price has gone up a bit since then.
    If you want a real deal get one of the Polish Tantals, they are a little higher in price but you can make that up in ammo savings.
    The Tantal shoots 5.45x39 ammo that is about half the price (when bought in bulk) of the 7.62x39.
    And to top that off the Tantal is a much more accurate gun, if you put a scope on it you can easily get a 3 to 4 MOA at 100yds.
    With only a $70 or less difference between the two you will make that up in the first 500rds of ammo.
    So if it was my money I would get the Tantal, and besides the money it is a folding stock that is a hotter looking gun.
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  4. karlsgunbunker

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    I have 3 Romanian AK's and all shoot just fine.
    I'm a cheap bastard and refuse to pay $700+ for an AK.

    I have a SAR-1, GP WASR 10/63, and STG 2000.
    I also have a Pump action AK.

    I had a WASR-10 and couldn't tell any difference between it and my SAR-1.

    AK's are cheap reliable and almost fool proof. :)

    I also have a PSL and a FPK Paratrooper (AK on Steroids).

    All great rifles that will serve you well.