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    I do a lot of back country hiking and fishing in Griz country, I originally purchased a Winchester Camp Defender (12 Ga.) for the purpose of bear defense, I felt this was the best choice for someone who didn't shoot every day, but it's rather cumbersome and heavy on the trail!

    I had looked at .44's before this purchase, so just recently, went ahead and bought a Taurus Ultralight .44, (I will just have to commit to practicing with it!)
    My question is... what ammo is best?
    What ammo is best for sighting in?
    What ammo is best for practice?
    And what ammo is best for the bear encounter?

    I've been told to use 305 grain CoreBon's for the encounter stage, but wonder if their safe in the Ultralight?

    Would like an affordable, but realistic round for plinking to get somewhat used to the recoil.

    Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated,

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    For sighting in? The ammo you will carry for defense.

    For practice? Light .44 specials. Easy on the gun and you. A few rounds each outing with the carry ammo.

    For Bear defense? I would use a mid-weight hard cast bullet. 240-250 gr. Wide flat nose preferred, Semi-wadcutter marginally acceptable.

    Heavy, hot loaded ammo like the 305 Cor-Bon may be too long for the cylinder and almost assuredly brutal in a lightweight revolver. You will either damage the gun (eventually) or develop such a terrible flinch you will not be able to hit the bear at all.

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    Thanks for the fast reply, robocop
    I really appreciate the feedback!
    when you mention "mid-weight hard cast bullet. 240-250 gr. Wide flat nose"
    Can you offer up any brands or what exactly I need to be looking for?
    I haven't delt with buying a lot of different ammo other than shotgun ammo and tend to get confused when looking at the boxes.
    I have been looking at some "Buffalo Bore" ammo, especially the "Lower Recoil 44 Magnum - 255 gr. Keith-Style GC (1350 fps me. 1032 ft.lbs)" thier pricey, but thats not really a problem for the carry Ammo.
    Thanks again
  4. Clem

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    How about the Garrett Defender. It is a slightly loaded down .44: 310 gr. at 1020 fps. Intended for light .44s to keep from beating yourself to death while retaining good penetration.

    Garrett Cartridges Online - Products
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    I personally prefer the .454 casual. However, th 44 Mag is fine too. I agree, hard cast flat nose bullet.

    The key is going to be able to hit the moving target! The theory that I have heard is that you want to place a shot in the front shoulder of a bear that is charging you. This will shatter the bone, tumble the bear down to the ground, slow him down considerably, and allow you to skeedadle.

    One trick I like to do to myself, when target shooting, is to leave a random cylinder empty every once in a while. That way, if I click on the empty cylinder and the gun is moving all over the place, it is notification to put the gun away and pick up the .22. You do NOT want to train yourself to flinch every time you fire it!
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    Thanks for the reply's guy's
    I appreciate the advise !
    I've heard stories about Alaska guides shooting for the soft spots, such as the groin?

    As mentioned I have been looking at the "Buffalo Bore" ammo, especially the "Lower Recoil 44 Magnum - 255 gr. Keith-Style GC (1350 fps me. 1032 ft.lbs)"
    I don't know much at all about ballistics, or "Buffalo Bore" compared to "Garret" but the "BB" rounds seem a little more reasonable as far as price.
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    I like the Hornady 265 gr jacketed soft point, Have dealt with barrel leading issues in the past and detest it. Federal makes a 250 grain silhouette load, not the best bullet shape for terminal effect, looks like it should penetrate like heck, and is THE MOST accurate 44 ammo I've ever fired. My reloads don't come close.