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  1. sgtdeath66

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    alright, so i just bought a surefire G2 led. its labeled as 80 lumen max output for 12hrs useful run time. now my old g2 is only 65 lumens for 2 1/2 hrs. they are almost identical in all aspects except the g2 led is more the blue light and my g2 halogen is more of a white- yellow light. my question now is what light is better for self defense or hunting?
  2. Chad

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    I like the LED for both applications, its a clearer, brighter, whiter light. IMHO more blinding in self defense situations. Drop in LED upgrades for the g2 are all over ebay for around 15-20 bucks and worth every penny. They are advertised as producing 300+ lumens I dont know if I believe that or not, but still brighter than the stock yellow xenon bulb, not to mention 10x the battery life! I mounted a g2 on my HD 12 Mossberg 590 with a pressure switch and a 270 lumens cree great. I put many rounds thru it at the range to make sure it would hold up before I trusted it for HD use, and I've had no issues yet.

  3. willfully armed

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    I carry a G2 for SD purposes LH side with one spare mag.

    I love my G2.

    But I also have an M3, 3 batteries, 225 lumens. It will blind, you see green for about 10 seconds. I have it mounted on my AR, as it will illuminate out to 90 yards.

    I dont believe a drop in bulb will yield 300 lumens for the G2.