New sights for M&P9...

Discussion in 'M&P Forum' started by DHawk2, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. DHawk2

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    I bought a new M&P9 a couple months ago and thinking about changing the sights. Looking at the Tru Glo's and wanted to know if anyone is/has used them and what they thought about them. Also up for suggestions on an other brands.
    Can they be replaced at home or does it require a gun smith?
  2. Mason609

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    You CAN replace them at home, if you know what you are doing.

    I got a pair of night sights for mine (forget the brand, it's been a few years), and the owner of my LGS swapped them out for me.

  3. headhunter

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    When you remove the front sight, it feels like there is a slot at the bottom of the of the side of front sight. It isn't! It is a solid part of the slide and the sight is on top of it.
    Under the rear sight, there is a disc and spring. The disc doesn't want to stay on top of the spring when you reassemble with your new sight on top.
    Yesterday, I put an "XS" big dot sight system on my M&P 9. This afternoon I hope to shoot it.
  4. ccrape

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    +1 on the XS sights have them on my 40c and shield 9.