New sight, no hit.

Discussion in 'Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion' started by Don357, Jan 18, 2014.

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    I just put a Kensight adjustable rear sight on my Universal .30 Carbine ( I'm not calling it an M1 Carbine to avoid insulting the purists), and something's wrong. I eyeball centered the sight and had it in the 100-150yd notch and using normal military sight picture, at 25yds POI was 1ft high and 4in left. Adjusted windage and got 1ft high and centered. Using an opened up 50lb dog food bag as a back drop, it never registered a hit on the target or bag. This sight is supposed to be a USGI type replacement like the ones on the M1A2. Anyone have any experience with these sights? Is this normal? Should I be thinking in feet instead of yards like on the original non-adjustable M1 Carbine diopter sights? HELP!!!!!
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    sounds like the front sight is substantially lower than what the new rear sight needs.

    thats why folks arent fond of the universals they are arent compatable with usgi or usgi clone parts.

    there isnt much of a fix for that other than put the origianl rear back on or change the front sight which is likely to be damn difficult.

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    You are probably about 4' high at 100. The Uni carbines are done to the original sights. The adjustable sighs were added later with a different height front.