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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Dizzll, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Dizzll

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    Hey all, just showing off my new piece. Needed a pocket gun (smaller than my Glock 27), in addition it's my first non-Glock pistol. I'm in a pickle though. I shot it from 7yds for a few mags and I was making 3" groups first time ever handled it? From this tiny thing? I have been shooting Glocks for years for thousands of rounds and can barely do that with my G30. So now I am wondering how much better a full size Sig would shoot than my full size Glocks... Funny part was trying to learn how a hammer works lmao... Feels scary carrying one in the pipe when you can see the hammer back lol...:thumbup1:


  2. Logan636

    Logan636 New Member

    Beautiful gun. I think you will be happy with that purchase for a long time. My family swears by Sig

  3. CA357

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    Congratulations. Sig makes a fine pistol.
  4. rdk45

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    Well congrats on your new toy! I love my p238 and those grips are pretty sweet. Yes the full size digs will shoot better than your glocks but the accuracy your experiancing with the p238 is due to it being single action (the way handguns were meant to be) so if you don't already have one go get yourself a nice 1911 and you'll see what real accuracy is. And by the way don't be scared of that hammer that just means your ready to go! Many many civilians including myself have been carrying "cocked and locked for much longer than glocks have been around and I gaurantee there have been twice as many accidents with glocks than there have been with single action autos.
  5. Thebiker

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    Congrats! I love my Sigs, solid, accurate and dependable.....all anyone can ask:).
  6. n8sigguy

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    that's a beautiful piece...but is there enough to hold on to? I've never shot the P238, but I'm really considering buying one since I don't want to carry by SP2022 everywhere. 15 rounds really isn't something practically every needing in an altercation (Which will hopefully never happen) I really like the single action cocked & locked features...I'm a little worried I'd panic and forget it's locked though honestly.
  7. eborden1122

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    If you like the Sig. Take a look at one of the Sig 1911's. I have a C3 and it is extremely accurate and a pleasure to shoot. Just a suggestion. Have a good day, Ed