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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Vikingdad, Jul 19, 2012.

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    A few days ago my dad insisted that he and mom (actually step-mom, but just the same) must come over to our place to visit. OK, we hadn't seen each other since before they all went to Missouri but that wasn't unusual. What was unusual was his insistence. Dad and mom show up with our nieces, I knew they were in town and all (I picked them up from the airport) from Washington. Anyhow, one thing led to another and my dad asked my son if he would show the girls (the cousins) his (our) guns. Well, what my dad was driving at was that he wanted us to take them shooting.

    Now, you have to understand that I am the crazy, hillbilly, redneck, gun nut in the family. We were raised in a gun-free household. My sister (mother of the two nieces) has never, as far as I know, fired a gun in her life. I dropped her off at the airport this morning.

    So when dad made his intentions clear, we loaded up and hit our range. The girls had a great time, they shot .22 long rifle from several different guns but the big event was shooting the AR15. They loved it. I insisted that dad and mom shoot it as well, and they did. Dad emptied a 10-round mag into the targets.

    I sent a bunch of pictures to my sister, she says that her youngest daughter says that she is a gun enthusiast now:D.

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  2. canebrake

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    Great news! This is what our sport needs, new blood introduced the the fun of shooting.

    Kudos Vikingdad, looks like fun was had by all. ;)

  3. winds-of-change

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    Great job and sounds like a lot of fun. I know, once you shoot a gun, it's hard not to want to shoot some more. :D
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    It's like Lays potato chip, you can't have just one (shot). :D
  5. Vikingdad

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    Step-mom only fired one shot. She enjoyed it but it also scared her a bit. I might get her to shoot some more in the future though. She was actually having a lot of fun picking up brass off the ground!:D (then again she enjoys weeding too, so whatcha gonna do?:confused:)