New Shooters: Tips and Traps

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by pioneer461, Mar 31, 2011.

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    While working my way through my email inbox this morning, I came across a couple of articles I’d like to share. They are posted on the Personal Defense Network, an excellent site for news and information about the use of firearms for self defense.

    Here are the articles that caught my eye, and cover two topics I’ve frequently seen discussed and debated on the 14 gun forums I subscribe to.

    New Shooters: Tips and Traps

    “Whether you’re just getting into it yourself or are a veteran shooter looking to help someone else, there are some definite "dos" (and "don'ts") related to introducing someone to the gun, shooting, and self-defense communities.”

    The Concealed Carry Trap

    “Unfortunately, most students who graduate from a concealed carry course don’t know what they don’t know. Thinking that a carry class will prepare them for lethal combat on the street is a dangerous mistake to make. “
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    carry class = 8 hours

    preparing for lethal combat = 8 months

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    When it comes right down to it, NOTHING can prepare you for that moment when another human's life hangs in the balance.
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    As a "new shooter"-AKA new CCW permit holder, my first concern was~~~

    ~~~(drumroll)~~~~~~ avoiding a ND at all costs.

    I can't help wondering how many "new shooters" wind up pulling a Barney

    at least once...