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    well today was awesome weather at the range,at least for michigan.overcast, 39 degrees,and heavy mist almost rain, and 13mph wind for michigan at this time of year it was awesome.i was using wolf 7.62x39 hp milspec with the polymer coating i grabbed an old 3x9 bushnell out of the closet and the best i could do was 3 inch groups which is what the iron sights gave me :mad: nothing against the bushnell its circa 1980' i put the new 6x32 leapers bugbuster ill. mildot scope on and man was i happy

    above is the best of the day,two others were similar and the last two were not worth posting as i did not dress warm enough and started shivering pretty bad. 3hrs in this weather was enough for me:D aia a1m10a2 rocks i love this rifle
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    Good job an congrats !
    Can you post some pics of the rifle W/ the scope that gave the best group results?

    I Hail unto thee from near Detroit, Michigan N.D.