New Savage Model 10 Range Report - Not Good!

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by dunerunner, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. dunerunner

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    Bought the rifle August 23rd in Nevada and I have waited all this time to get to the range.

    I collected all my gear and headed out this afternoon about 12:30. Only one other guy at the rifle range, trying out some hand loads and keeping books that looked like an accounting spreadsheet.

    I introduced myself and we talked about Pete's rifle and mine, then I asked to go down range and nail up some target material. Upon my return I switched off the down range rotating beacon and set up at my bench.

    I slid the first round into the open chamber and closed the bolt. I was somewhat concerned because the bolt would not go to battery. I repositioned the round and the bolt closed, however; stiffly.

    Bang!! Well, I thought; that part worked OK. I rolled the bolt and couldn't extract the round. The bold was frozen in the chamber other than it would rotate to and from battery. Pete scrounged around in his truck and produced a rubber handled ball peen hammer. We tapped the open bolt and Shazam!!, it popped open.

    Thinking perhaps it was that the gun was new, I carefully fired two more rounds with the same result. Pete and I sat down and examined the spent casings and compared them to the unfired factory ammo (Magtech) I was shooting. There was a definite indentation at the collar of the spent round, enough that Pete thought the rifle might have not been chambered properly.

    That was the day, now to call Savage tomorrow and discuss my options.
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  2. Dillinger

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    I was thinking the same thing as I was reading what you wrote.

    We had a Remy come into the shop ( no offense Tango ) and it was stamped .22LR and if I remember right, it was actually a .22 Mag or a .22 Hornet, something like that. So it does happen...

    I would have a 'smith check the throat dimensions and see if it is indeed chambered correctly...

    Good luck. Let us know what the verdict is. Glad you weren't hurt...


  3. skullcrusher

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    Wow, dune, that stinks. I am glad that there were no pressure issues, like JD said. I think the people at Savage will be good to deal with and make things right.

    Here's another thought, don't the gun makers test fire each one they manufacture?
  4. CA357

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    This is not good Duner. Keep us posted.
  5. M14sRock

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    Can you post a couple of pics? I'd like to see some fired empties, as well as some of the factory rds.

    I had a similar issue with an old Enfield. Brit surplus locked up the action tight, but commercial Winchester 180gr is fine and dandy. And my headspace checks out just fine.
  6. dunerunner

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    Here's some follow-up!! Took the three spent cartridges and the box of Magtech .308 Win 150gr rounds to my buddy who is an avid reloader. We measured the original ammo and the spent rounds and they seem to be within spec, give or take .0021 inches.

    We have decided I should purchase some premium ammo, Remington, Winchester or Federal Match and fire that to see if it is ammo or the weapon. If the problem remains, I will seek a local gun smith to check the chambering, then call Savage.

    It could be the ammo, it could be the chamber was not polished properly, hard to tell at this point.

    ADDITION: The rifle expends an unfired round just fine!!

    And Yes, they did test fire the weapon prior to shipping from the factory in Massachusetts.

    I'll get some pics up when I can, M14sRock!!
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