New Savage Mark II FV-SR

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by priell3, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. priell3

    priell3 New Member

    I went shopping yesterday and brought home a new gun. Final cost after trade-in with tax and fees was $146. I mounted the 4 power scope on it that I just got earlier in the week. Off to the range to try it out soon.

    Pictured here with my JR Carbine.

  2. whiptail

    whiptail New Member

    Very nice. I have the same one and love it. Good luck .

  3. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    I like mine too. I padded the stock for proper scope cheek weld and mounted a 3-12x40 AO MD for now. I have a Harris bipod onit. On the road right now but I am going to make a kydex riser for the stock when I get home. Savage still has not figured out that the drop is wrong for scopes even though I have told them several times. I have only been able to sight it in at 25 yards so far but it is one ragged hole with match ammo. I have not tried HV. 22lr gets its max velocity between 16" and 18" depending on the rounds. You will lose velocity after 18".