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Discussion in 'Gun Safes' started by youngridge, Jan 19, 2018.

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    Recently bought a Sport Afield 36 gun guns with scopes are tight in there. I really like the safe but did not realize how difficult it is to get guns into it. Does anyone have any tips for storing guns in safes so it doesn't feel so cramped? Already got the pistol rods clipped on the shelf, it has a door storage for pistols as well. As far as a lager safe this one fits perfect in my closet so that is why I want to stick with it.
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    This is the reason I have an Arms Room !...................
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    Here's how I solved my problem with scoped rifles. I made magnetic standoffs that stick to the back and slide up and down to fit different firearms. 20180121_100109.jpg 20180121_100050.jpg 20180121_100131.jpg
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    Make a circular lazy susan for it if you have enough room. If you cannot make it big enough to hold all your long guns, you'll have to upgrade to a larger safe or buy another, and when you lag bolt them to the floor & wall, also bolt them together. I ALWAYS do that so some redneck with a logging chain & 4x4 chevy truck cannot simply drag the whole thing out, to take home & open at his leisure. I'm a redneck so I can possibly think of ways of potential risks and take measures to eliminate them. The lazy susan works INCREDIBLY well, and is MUCH faster & no more stock or barrel scratches from attempting to take a long gun out from towards the rear. Remember-gun safes are like garages, you can always put more in them, but hard as hell to make them bigger! Always choose a safe about twice capacity of what you'll ever possibly need! Not only does the extra room come in handy, but the larger they are, the heavier they are, and the more difficult they are to steal!
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