new RTF yes or no?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by armedinfidel, Aug 20, 2009.

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    I dont care for them at all if you try to CCW it will feel like sandpaper on your skin IMHO


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    So Glock finally decides to actually change something on their pistol, and they go with changing the slide serrations, and the grip stippling?

    What about the plastic recoil guide?

    What about the dust cover issue (due to the flex engineered into the dust cover, a heavy enough attachment may result in decreased performance - btw, I'm not so sure of the credibility of this, but I've heard the complaints)?

    What about the sights (i.e. offering night sights as standard or something like that)?

    What about getting rid of the hexagonal barrel so reloads will no longer be an issue?

    What about changing the anti-grip angle?

    Maybe lowering the retail price to a more realistic number?

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    Few people have trouble with the plastic recoil guides as far as I can tell. Metal ones could conceivably rust or corrode.

    I have a set of tritium sights on a pistol and consider them impractical. I tried them out in a darkened room and mistook one of the rear dots for the front sight. They aren't easy to pick up. I'm not impressed...

    The present Glock barrels last forever, increase velocity a little and are easy to clean.
    Aftermarket regularly rifled barrels are available for better accuracy.
    Shooting reloads from a Glock is probably a bad idea no matter what barrel you use, because a weakened, reloaded case could possibly burst in the Glock chamber causing a Kaboom ( KB! ). This has been discussed on .

    I think the grip shape rather than the angle is the problem. Still, the Glock can be shot accurately, if not in perfect comfort.
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    I have a 22 RTF and have no issues with it. If you have an extended range session, it will chew up the meaty part of the palm. So I would say "yes".