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Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by flbandit, Aug 31, 2008.

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    Went to the local gunshow today, just to look and pick up a box of ammo for the Glock, but ended up with a rifle! I ran across a Marlin single shot .22 that a guy had $89.00 on. The think is in excellant shape so what the heck, home it went. Can't wait to go shoot some. It's funny as I got to do a bit of open carry on the way home. I had parked a few blocks away to save the $7 parking fee (I'm pretty cheap:)) so had to carry the rifle back to the truck. One point goes across an overpass with alot of traffic underneath. I wonder if anyone called the Cops about the "nut with a rifle on the overpass" :D
  2. Dillinger

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    Nice buy - Every house should have a nice .22 boltgun for practice and teaching the young'ins.

    Post some pictures and a range report when you get a chance, let us know how she shoots.


  3. dragunovsks

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    Nice buy, those Marlin rifles are great shooting guns. Marlin really knows how to make a firearm and they don't mess around. My father-in-law has an old semi-auto Marlin .22 that holds it's rounds in a mag tube like a shotgun, he also has a Marlin 30-30 that I'm getting ready to buy from him.

    My dad bought an AR back in the 80's and when he paid his remaining balance and got ready to leave the gunstore, the clerk just handed him the rifle. He said he had to walk 4 blocks in downtown New Albany Indiana to get to the car and he wondered how many people would freak out. He said he got a couple of funny looks but nobody actually gave him any trouble.
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    haha i always get funny looks when i am cleaning my rifles in my garage and I live in texas you would think ppl have seen tons of guns in their life living in texas guess not