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  1. rfowlie

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    Hey Everybody,

    I need a suggestion. I want (need) a 22 LR semi auto rifle. I like the Ruger 10/22 but the available options that I can find on-line are not what I want.
    I want (need) is a Ruger 10/22 with a heavy target ss barrel and a synthetic
    black stock. Is this available off the shelve or am I looking at a custom build.
    If it's custom any suggestions on a gunsmith? I live the Los angeles area.
    And yes there a some NRA members in the People Republic of Calif, but damn few.

  2. PlaysWithZombies

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    Actually switching out the stock and barrel on a 10/22 is extremely easy, there's no need to use a gunsmith for that.
    There are a lot of different aftermarket barrels and stocks for the ruger out there, the only limitation is your budget.
    Finding one already setup the way you want is unlikely, unless you search for a used one.

  3. big shrek

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    Never actually BUY a Ruger point in it, because aftermarket makes better stuff than Ruger does.
    and frankly, you'll end up replacing dang near everything with the better aftermarket parts as you go if you do get one...
    Go to the Volquartsen website and look at what they have to offer, from receivers to guts to full-out Pimp-Daddy ready-to-shoot rifles...
    Or Archangel, or any of about 15 places you can get the receivers & the rest of the stuff...
    Green Mountain makes killer does VQ as mentioned above...
    Tuffer Buffer makes the best buffer...
    You can piece together a better 1022 than Ruger ever will make...but it'll cost more than an Anshultz in the long run ;)

    The Ruger 1022T (Target model heavy barrel) that I bought kinda sucked...couldn't do better than a 3" grouping
    and half the time the groups looked like a shotgun pattern...after sending it back multiple times, a buddy slapped on his barrel
    which showed what the real issue was...the crappy ruger I traded it off for something more fun and never looked back.
    That was my third Ruger firearm and all three had I've gone on to other MFR'rs that are more precise with less expense ;)

    Best bet for newbies who MUST have a Ruger, buy an OLD 1022 from a pawn shop if you need some initial starting pieces,
    that'll get you started without much of a startup cost...because as I said, you'll replace everything anyway if you are doing a custom build...
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  4. Gonzilla

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    Big Trek - agree but how do you buy the receiver ?
  5. HockaLouis

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    Doesn't Ruger show like 100 Distributor custom versions? I'd look there and order on but making sure to get the VQ Hammer Kit to improve the trigger which is the only real issue I have w/the 10/22 types (including 96/22).
  6. tonydewar

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    pawn shops gun shows shop around my last one cost me 75 bucks your looking for the receiver, bolt; and possabaly trigger group every thing else can be replaced for about 400 and you have a better gun than a 10 22t at 550
  7. Hawg

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    IMHO a stock 10/22 is about the least accurate rifle on the market.
  8. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    VQ (VolQuartsen) and other companies like Archangel sell just have it sent to your local FFL (Gun Shop).