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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Ploofy, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Ploofy

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    Okay, so today was my first time shooting my new rifle unsupported. Yesterday I zeroed it on the bench rest, and was getting off perfect groupings in the bullseye, meaning I could only see one hole. Today, I'm only getting it even in the black like 75% of the time, and only about 20% are bullseyes, and groupings are rare. How long does it take to get used to a new rifle? Or is it just a bad day?
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    If you mean that accuracy is less when the rifle is supported by a wobbly hand rather than a stable sandbag on a non-moving bench........ this is a surprise because......:confused:
    Standing offhand is the LEAST accurate position. Better is kneeling, then sitting, then prone, then prone supported (benchrest) Somewhere in the middle is using shooting sticks. Check some of the illustrations from older shooting manuals. I always loved the illustration of the military shooter prone, using his hat as a support.

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    I've been shooting, seriously for 40 years. I never knew what a bench was until 20 years ago. Are you shooting for points or meat, or self gratification??
    With certain rifles, I could pop an eye out at 400 meters, or hit the vitals on an elk, w/ a bigger, badder rifle. Or use 1 in the middle for both.
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    Most of it was in prone, and I think it's mostly because of a wobbly hand, but it is only missing a small target by an inch or two. And a lot of it is getting where I want it. My hand has never not been strong enough before except for my first couple times. This rifle is slightly heavier, though. Do you think that's the main problem? And if so, how long will it take till I'm shooting at my normal accuracy?
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    Man it takes time to shoot a rifle really well. Just like most other things. And even then I don't know anyone that can shoot off hand as well as they do on a bench.

    Just relax and squeeze and over time you will see your groups tighten up.