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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by JiroZero713, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. JiroZero713

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    Well I'm at a crossroads here.

    Always hard to decide but I think I know what I might do.

    I got a job again and am making money and starting to build up some surplus a month or so I'll have enough to maybe put some down on a new rifle....problem is I'm trying to decide.

    Now I was thinking lever action in .357....but really it's not worth it...and they are a bit to expensive for my liking...and alot of them have issues with .38 special...not that that really bothers's really the price.

    I also sold my .22 bolt action I had a while back that was a dog....thought I'd like it but realized I just hated I got the idea I should get maybe a Henry lever .22 in an octagon barrel....but even then I'm at the road...because I prefer bolt action .22s

    Problem is not sure what kind of bolt action .22 to get if I found one.

    Or I could put the money towards a new pistol for the family. Possibly a CZ-97 in .45 or the CZ-75 SP0-1 in 9mm.

    Or maybe a cheap Hi-point carbine in 9mm...but even then I'm not a big hi-point fan and I don't like buying 10 round magazines and having them lay everywhere...I like having just around 5 mags at the most for each of my guns if it uses mags.

    It's the stripper clips I leave everywhere gahaha.

    Also I've been looking at a PTR-91 in .308 as's a nice looking gun...course I'd have to save a bunch of damn pennies for that little bugger.

    Any other suggestions for cals or rifles? I'm open to anything.
  2. ArkansasHunter

    ArkansasHunter New Member

    I've been a member of gun forums for a long while and this is the first question I've ever read thats a Hum Dinger LOL !!!
    And I'm a wee bit confounded on what to suggest...Of course I was up late late last night so maybe I need to wake a little more and drink another cup of coffee and come back and re-read your post LOL !!!

    Or maybe old age hit me today...I think I'll just mozzy along and come back later to see what others recomend for your predicament...Hummm

  3. AcidFlashGordon

    AcidFlashGordon New Member

    I think one of the first questions would be is what do you want to use it for? Plinking? Target shooting? Hunting? If you have a tendency to "lean" towards bolt-action .22s, then shop around for something that really catches your eye. YOU are the one that's going to be shooting this baby so YOU are the one who will decide whether or not it "reaches out" to you. I haven't picked up a .22 since the mid 70s (both of my .22 rifles, one semi-auto LR and one bolt-action magnum) are somewhere in storage at my parents' house) so my suggestion should be taken with a grain (or an entire shovelful) of salt....
  4. JiroZero713

    JiroZero713 Active Member

    Well here's the list of what I already have

    An SKS
    A Kel-Tec SU-16 CA .223 Rifle
    Mossberg 835 12 Gauge
    Mosin m44 sportorized....still finishing up the project to turn it into a hunting gun
    S&W Model 681 .357 magnum
    CZ-82 9mm Makarov pistol

    I sold my .22 bolt a while back as I hated it....not a very good rifle...just bought it for kicks and **** canned it.

    My dream list are as follows

    CZ-97 .45 pistol

    CZ-75 Stainless steel version

    CZ-75 SPO1

    Lever action of some sort but not necessarily 'needed'

    Or a PTR-91 .308

    If anyone can suggest a cheaper semi-auto .308 then I'm all ears.

    Or a 1911 possibly the Taurus model with the rail.

    Or an M1 Garand from the CMP

    Or a new Bolt .22 of some sort.

    Really the main purpose of this next rifle will be the up my arsenal. Really if I got a .308 that would hit the nitch for the 3 basic Rifle caliburs needed since I already have a .223/5.56 and 7.62X29
  5. JiroZero713

    JiroZero713 Active Member

    Been looking around....really the more I look the more I'm leaning towards an AR-10/AR-15 in .308...since they are cheap and accurate. Not sure though.

    Problem is fixed stock or collapsible stock.

    I've got plenty of short carbine guns...the .308 I get is going to be an 'Out there' gun.

    Problem is .308 is expensive and I can't reload. I might just opt for the .22 as those can get 'out there' for a semi cheap price...not as out there as a .308...but would be fun t shoot.
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  6. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    Garands are generally .30-'06. There are some that are .308, but they're pretty scarce.

    I would suggest that you get another .22. If you're not stuck on a bolt action, get a 10/22. They're a ton of fun.

    You've got a fair variety of calibers going, so you may want to consider keeping ammunition costs down while maintaining your skills. A .22 will help you do that.
  7. JiroZero713

    JiroZero713 Active Member

    I'm stuck on bolt action....that or a GSG-5.

    I like the 10/22 but I just can't see myself buying magazines for it....I'd rather buy magazines for a Bolt Action...since I only have 1 bolt gun.

    I have 2 Semi autos and 1 shotgun...I should make it 2 Bolts to make it even.

    Just got to find the right bolt gun.

    Thinking I'm going to buy one of those high dollar .22s that I always rag on to make me a hipocrite.

    I'm lost on what brand though or model or hell anything bolt .22

    300 bucks is my maximum I guess....I could go as high as 400 but I don't want to.

    Rather spend 200-300 bucks.
  8. Yunus

    Yunus Active Member

    You list 3 CZ guns on your wish list. Why not check out their .22 models. MSRP is a bit higher than you want to spend but you might find them cheaper at a show or online.
  9. JiroZero713

    JiroZero713 Active Member

    Sadly I don't think I have any vendors for a bolt action .22 in CZ....and I really don't like the looks of them that much....course online pictures really don't do guns justice. Although there is one I like...the CZ 452 American...the shorter .22 is 438 and the longer is a bit more. Rather go for longer I'm sure.....but then they have the single set trigger new version the 453....same gun just with that awesome single set trigger for MSRP of I'm guessing you can get it for 600....and I'm not spending 600 dollars on a .22 right now....200 dollars more than I'd want to.

    I want a CZ 527 Carbine eventually but that went with the dust since I started my m44 project.


    The CZ is looking more likely as I can get one for 400 online...and then I'd have a tack driver of a .22 ...I really cringe at the thought of buying a .22 for that much....but eventually I'll be getting one anyway when I'm older when the salt turns.

    I found the 453 with the single set trigger version for 513 or something online....

    So still 600 dollars after shipping and FFL fees if I did it that way....or 450 for the non single set trigger version. On a .22 not sure how needed a single set trigger is....and I can always sell the none single set trigger later on for a single set trigger version.
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  10. Silvertip 44

    Silvertip 44 New Member

    If it's a short .308 you are after look at the SAI M1A Scout or the Socom. Course, I'm sort of an M14 fanatic anyway.
  11. JiroZero713

    JiroZero713 Active Member

    Nah I realized a .308 is way to expensive for me right now. I'll have to get one later.

    I'll either get a new pistol for the family or a new rifle for me.

    Problem is I think I've finally settled on a CZ .22....boy this makes me a hipocrite since I was dogging on expensive .22s sue me guys hahaha...but either way.

    Should I get the 452 American? Or the Varmint which is just the american with a heavy barrel.

    I like the sound of heavy barrel....sounds more accurate.

    Then again theres the new 453 with the single set trigger now...but they are like 500-600 bucks compared to 400-500 on the 452 varmint/ American.
  12. JiroZero713

    JiroZero713 Active Member

    Well hold the phone on that rifle.

    I just realized something.

    I'm going to be using a 9mm Pistol in Basic.

    Why don't I get a 9mm Pistol....and learn to shoot that instead of a .22 rifle.

    That way I get excellent marksmanship with the pistol.

    So now we are looking at these choices...well to be continued in the handgun area I mean.

    TOP PREDATOR New Member

    if you get the .22 bolt, look at savage mkii, they are very good for the $, and cz's are outstanding. the savage will be less of an investment, and allow you to purchase better scope for it, extra mags, etc.

    pistol- the family pistol would be the cz-75 as you can use it for protection, and invest in the .22 conversion unit they have for it. that'll make it an economical plinker. plus the 75 is not all that expensive when compared to other 9mm's. if you get the model with the rail, you can add lights and lasers for the gizmo effect.
  14. gadrooning

    gadrooning New Member

    No offense but sounds like you are all over the board. I think you need to make up your mind in either a handgun or rifle. Really think about what you would like to do with it, then start looking at like guns. Compare apples to apples. I think you are drewling over a fruit basket.