new remington front site too loose

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by go4th, Jun 30, 2009.

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    Bought a new rem 597 flx camo rimfire .22 at cabela's. It has the tru glow sites. The front site has a orange bead and a dovetail that seats in the piece screwed to the barrel. This thing is too loose. It is literally falling out when my kid shoots. Are these expensive to replace. Are they know to have problems? Is it worth it to hassle the manuf. or drive two hours to the cabela's store?:confused:
  2. c3shooter

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    Shipping to Remington will be a bit pricy, versus the drive to cabellas.

    So what is loose? The sight base that attaches with a screw? (Loctite will fix) or is it an insert that fits in a dovetail slot? If the insert and the dovetail slot are both metal, there is an easy fix- take the INSERT, turn upside down, place on a SOLID base. Use a nailset or pointed punch to LIGHTLY dimple it in 5 spots on the UNDERSIDE- like the 5 shown on a dice- 4 in a square, one in the middle. When the punch drives DOWN, it pushes a circle of metal UP around the center. Has the effect of making the insert just a tad thicker- and will now fit slot snugly. A drop of loctite will help keep it there.

    but if it is a brand new gun, I would probably take it back to Cabella's- and lay a guilt trip on them (ammo, scope. sling?) for having to return it. :rolleyes: