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New Reloading Bench

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Finally got this puppy finished. Everything now has a place. Upper drawers for parts, lower drawer for powder and a place to hold all of the tool heads (note that the tool head stands are on drawer sliders ie they slide out),


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That is really a slick set up you got there my friend. Very well thought out. I like the added benefit of being able to sit on the stool and just reach down to the slide out tool heads as needed. Well played sir, well played....

JD - That was the problem before. The bench that it was mounted on was 4 inches higher (I know it doesn't sound like much) but my back used to hurt after a couple hundred rounds. This should help a bunch.
Oh believe me, I know bro, I know. The shop I work in has the benches that line two walls set up for my 'smith to stand there all day and work. Since I am about 4 to 5 inches taller, if I don't get the right height stool when I start a project, or I stand for awhile, it really makes a difference in my lower back.

That looks like a good looking set-up. If it works for you, I might be hitting you up for the specs to build one of my own. :cool:

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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